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Homestay provision (Option 3 and Option 4 Welfare Provision) is one of the most important aspects of the International Student Program. We take pride in the quality of care shown to our students by our wonderful variety of homestay providers. The utmost care is taken in choosing the most appropriate family for a student to be placed with based on the information and special requests that we are notified of in the application form.


Before a student is placed with a family the International Student Coordinator (ISC) takes the following steps to ensure that the potential homestay provider, and their family, are ready to welcome a new international student into their home:


  • Extensive site visit and completion of the Homestay Site Checklist, including conversations about;

    • Why the family are interested in providing homestay accommodation?

    • What sort of student might fit in this home based on personal interests and family composition?

    • Child Safe Legislation, CCYP Reportable Conduct Scheme obligations and procedures.

    • Information contained within the Homestay Provider Resources below

  • Checking that all persons over 18 who reside or frequently reside in the home have a valid Working With Children Check

  • Contacting referee’s nominated by the homestay provider to determine their suitability for child related work

  • Checking that the home has appropriately positioned and maintained smoke alarms


Once a student has arrived and has settled in to their homestay accommodation, the ISC visits the home to have a discussion with all parties regarding the students transition as well as completing the Homestay Responsibility Agreement, which is then emailed to the students family and agent for agreement.


The ISC and the International Student Team at Macleod College maintain regular contact with all parties in order to provide support and advice for the duration of the students stay.

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Student Travel Policy, Requests and Approval

This policy applies to international students enrolled in the International Student Program (ISP) under a subclass 500 Student Schools visa who are under the age of 18, and do not live with a parent/legal guardian, where DE has issued a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter.

Students wishing to take holidays or stay away from their homestay residence overnight are required to submit the appropriate travel request form and seek approval prior to committing to the plan. Once all information regarding the travel /overnight plans have been outlined, permission is sought from the homestay provider, parents, International Student Coordinator and Principal to approve the plan.

Students are not to stay away from their homestay residence without first obtaining approval.

The various travel request forms are:

Smoke Alarms in the home

Child safety and Critical Incidents

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