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Charges associated with Music Tuition are now overdue. Please contact the General Office should you wish to check your balance or if you have any queries.

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Set goals for your practice time

One of the least effective things you can do is go into your practice room and just sit down and start playing. In order to make the most of your time, you need to make a plan as to what it is that you need to and want to accomplish in that time. Do you want to memorise a piece? Do you need to figure out the fingerings of that melismatic passage in one of your pieces? Do you need to work on the breath stamina of a particularly difficult phrase? If you go into the practice room with a goal in mind, you will be focused and motivated to attain that goal.

Macleod College Junior Jazz Ensemble Junior Jazz Band
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Rathmoreby Hugh
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I would follow youby Rhea
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have a listen

solid old man south street
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manoir south street
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symphony in riffs
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