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International Student Program Staff

Macleod College has a very experienced and supportive team of staff dedicated to the educational, social and emotional development of our very special group of international students. The key members of this team are:


Mr Mario Panaccio


Mr Panaccio grew up in the suburb of Macleod and has also been a teacher at Macleod College for over 30 years. He is the son of immigrant parents and places a great value on education and the lifelong opportunities that it provides. In his time at Macleod College he has had the opportunity to undertake leadership positions in a variety of areas (curriculum, wellbeing, careers, pathways, music, student management and engagement) that have given him a holistic view of learning and a deep understanding of the complexities faced by students as they transition through life. As a teacher he taught mathematics and science and was runner up in the 1992 Victorian “Excellence to State Education” Award.


Mrs Colleen Cochrane

International Student Coordinator

Mrs Cochrane is an alumni of Macleod College and a dedicated staff member with a background in Student Welfare, Student Leadership and classroom mathematics. Her experience ensures each international student is well cared for in all aspects of homestay and guardianship. She actively encourages students to take opportunities to promote growth and development of themselves as an individual while managing a growing and diverse International Student Program at Macleod College.


Mrs Ketty Karalis

Intensive English Language Program Manager

Mrs Karalis is a passionate teacher whose energy in the classroom inspires each student to  engage and progress in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Mrs Karalis has tapped into her 20 years of experience with English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Humanities education to design a vibrant 20 week curriculum incorporating excursions and incursions, with specialist classes in art, physical education, music, mathematics and science.


Mrs Greta Kechayas

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Kechayas brings a wealth of experience to her role including a background in library and research, assessment and reporting and school administration. Her main role within the International Education program is to support and assist staff and students to achieve their identified outcomes and current priorities.


Mrs Ngoc (Tammy) Hoang

Multicultural Education Aide (Vietnamese)

Mrs Hoang works in both the international school and the mainstream College, assisting the students in their transition into the Australian education system. Being an ex Principal from Vietnam, she is able to provide support to students and families, particularly when explaining the difference between the two systems. In the mainstream College, Ms Hoang works as an integration aide supporting students with additional needs in their learning and wellbeing.


Mrs Joanna Wan

Multicultural Education Aide (Chinese)

Ms Wan has experiences of working with young people in different education settings for over 15 years overseas and in Australia. She is dedicated to supporting international students transitioning, adjusting and thriving at Macleod College with her background as a classroom teacher and an alumna of Monash University who studied as an international student. Ms Wan teaches English as an Additional Language and has been part of the teaching team in our Intensive English Language Centre. 

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