Enrolment Enquiry

  • Fill in an Enrolment Enquiry Form below

  • When all requested documentation is received the Assistant Principal or Administration Team will contact you.

  • If your Enrolment Enquiry is approved, you will then need to attend a meeting with the Assistant Principal and complete official DET Enrolment Form. 

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Grade 6 into Year 7

Victorian Department of Education primary schools manage the transition of students from Year 6 into Year 7. Year 6 students list school preferences with their teachers on an Application for Enrolment Form.



  • Complete the Application form given to you by your primary school. To ensure you get a place, put Macleod College as your first choice. Hand your completed application form back to your primary school by the due date.​​

  • For students from Non Government schools, parents/guardians will need to contact the College for a Department of Education Application Form which you can pick up from the General Office. Complete and return the form by the date specified.

  • Macleod College will notify you regarding the success of your application.

  • If accepted into Macleod College, you will be issued with a DET Enrolment Form in August. To secure your place this needs to be completed and returned by the date specified.

  • You will receive notification of your child's year 7 placement on Wednesday 19 August 2020