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English Language Resources

Learning a language is an adventure that never quite ends


We would like to ask every Macleod College International Student to maintain the language learning habits developed with their Intensive English Language Centre teachers, long after graduation. Refining the skills gained, through engagement with various tools and resources, will move you forward into your next stage of studies with confidence

We have listed some of the online tools that we use at Macleod College, but there are many other tools out there, and you just need to look and find the one that suits your needs or see our attentive staff for advice. In the meantime you can keep reading, listening, speaking and writing in English. The more you engage with the English language the greater the improvements will be and along with those improvements will come an increased confidence in your abilities and willingness to interact in English.

Google classroom

An online platform for teachers and students to communicate by sharing great resources, giving/getting feedback from students and posting learning tasks from Google Suite for Education such as Fluency Tutor and Quizlet. This suite is used in addition to school Compass manager.

Education Perfect

A great online learning tool that includes learning resources for all core subjects. Macleod College Intensive English Language Centre students have been using this tool not only to build up their English proficiency but also to expand subject specific vocabulary that they will be using when they transition into the mainstream classroom.


A mobile and web-based study application that allows you to study English vocabulary via learning tools and games. This learning tool enables students to learn English vocabulary whenever and wherever they wish. All they need is their own device.

Fluency Tutor

Fluency Tutor helps students of all ages and ability levels become more avid, engaged and confident readers. 

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