Leadership at Macleod College

At Macleod College we have a vibrant and productive Student Representative Council.

The council is made up of:

- Grade 6 College Captains

- Year 11 House Captains
- Year 12 College and Deputy Captains
- Year 12 Music Captains and Leaders
- Year 12 International Captains

- Student Representative from Years 3 to 5 and 7 to 10

At Macleod College we want our students to have a voice and input into the running of the school. Our Year 12 College Captains attend College Council
meetings once a month where they work with members of the Leadership Team, Staff and Parents. Our Year 11 and Grade 6 Captains are also members of our School Focus Working Groups and collaborate with staff in the areas of:

- Environmental projects
- Wellbeing
- College performances
- Transitions

In addition, our student leaders also attend important events throughout the year such as the VicSRC Regional Conference and Student Congress where they develop vital leadership skills and share ideas with student leaders from other schools. Macleod College also has a strong Buddy System and Peer Support Program, which enhance student connections and support across the College from Prep to Year 12.

2019-2020   Leadership