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Moving from Kinder to Prep

At Macleod College we understand the importance of a smooth transition from kindergarten into school. Our program is designed to ensure that your child is ready for school and happy to be starting Prep.

Our Transition Program begins well before children are ready to start school. We provide school experiences from when children are at kinder age through the following activities:

  • Kinder visits by our students. 

  • School experience visits – kinder groups come to Macleod to participate in different activities such as drama, cooking, reading, music and play.

  • Specialist activity visits – Our library and music departments visit local kinder programs to introduce the children to specialist programs.

  • ‘Taster’ night sessions where parents can come along with their preschool child to experience hands on learning in science, numeracy, perceptual motor program and literacy.


These activities provide wonderful school experiences for kinder children and they look forward to moving up to Prep the following year.


We provide school tours, a Saturday Open Day and an Open Night Expo at which you can meet the teachers and chat about our programs. The Expo and open day run annually.


If your enrolment application for prep is successful you will receive an email asking you to fill in an online Enrolment Form.


Correspondence from the College during November/December will confirm the school start date, class teacher, start time and room number. You will also find out your child’s appointment time for their formal school-start assessment. Students in prep do not attend on Wednesdays in February apart from their specified appointment time.

The formal Orientation Program of 3 sessions is held in Term 4 and is designed to give your child an opportunity to get to know the school environment. They will also participate in literacy and numeracy activities, the perceptual motor program and play based learning. Your child will enjoy putting on their new school uniform, bringing a lunch box and eating at school. They will also meet their grade 6 buddy for the following year and get to know the other children who will be in their class.

We know that your child’s transition to school will provide parents with many new experiences too. We invite you to attend information sessions:

  • A school readiness talk will give you information on how best prepare your child for their school start. This is held at the first orientation session and also gives you a chance to chat to school staff and other parents. 

  • A Parent information session for all new enrolments is held on 29 November 2023 from 6.30-7.30pm, providing you with all the necessary information on school routines, uniform, booklists, programs and other school matters.

We encourage you to ask questions and to call or email with any follow up queries. At Macleod we have an open door policy and value strong relationships with our school community.

We deem it a privilege to be part of your child’s educational journey and look forward to working with you to provide the best possible start for your child.

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