Our History

Macleod Primary school was initially located in a former church (now the Uniting Church) before moving to Greensborough Road. Secondary education came to Macleod in 1954 when Macleod High School opened with Mr F. Meyer as Headmaster. Many of the original buildings are still in use at Macleod College today.

Towards the end of 1996 Macleod Primary School and Macleod High School merged to form a P-12 College of 1000 students. The new college was located on the High School site. In 1997 funds were provided to build new primary classrooms as well as a gymnasium, a technology wing, and an expanded library.

In May 1999, Chief John Macleod, head of the Macleod clan in Scotland, visited and officially named the school Macleod College.

The College motto was adopted from the ancient Scottish motto of ‘Macleod of Macleod’ Hold Fast Murus Aheneus Esto (Be thou as a bronze wall) The College emblem carries the above mottos in the colours of the ancient tartan ‘Macleod of Macleod”. The castle on the emblem represents Dunvegan Castle, the home of the head of the Macleod Clan in Scotland.