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Assessment & Reporting

Teachers at Macleod College use a wide variety of assessment tools to monitor student learning, including both formative and summative assessments.

The majority of feedback is given directly to students in the classroom. Feedback may be formal or informal – from verbal feedback, annotations on essays and corrections on mathematical work, to rubrics and assessment against set criteria.

Students at Macleod College take responsibility for their own learning by seeking feedback from their teachers both in and outside of class time.

Feedback to families is given primarily through Compass. Feedback will be provided through the following avenues:

Compass Learning Tasks - Assessment Tasks and Progress Tasks

Each subject will put up a range of Assessment Tasks on Compass. These are normally summative tasks and will range from tests and essays through to assignments and presentations. 

Each subject will use Progress Tasks throughout each semester to help students and families gauge how the student is progressing. These may include classwork, homework tasks, quizzes, and other pieces of work.

Teachers will include feedback on these Learning Tasks so you can track your child’s progress through the subject.

Families should go to the Learning Tasks link on their Compass homepage to see the list of their child’s Learning Task results. More detailed feedback is provided in some instances by clicking on the result.

Each subject has a uniform set of key reportable Assessment Tasks. Results for these tasks will be recorded on the End of Semester Summary Reports distributed twice a year. These tasks will also come up in the general list of Learning Tasks.

End of Semester Summary Reports and Progress Reports

Students will receive Progress Reports at the ends of Term 1 and Term 3, and End of Semester Summary Reports at the ends of Term 2 and Term 4.

The Progress Reports will report against our Work Habits: Effort, Organisation, Classroom Behaviour, Work Submission, Seeks Assistance.

Please see Work Habits rubric below.

The End of Semester Summary Reports will contain the results of all reportable Assessment Tasks as either a percentage, an assessment of the students’ Work Habits, and in VCE, an overall S or N for each VCE unit.

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Late Submission of Work Policy

Exam Policy

VCE Outcomes Practice Policy


Parent Student Teacher Conferences

Parent Student Teacher Conferences provide an opportunity for families to meet with their child’s teachers to discuss their progress and any concerns. These will be held in Semester 1 and Semester 2. Notification will be sent to families when bookings are open, and these bookings are made through the Compass portal.

Macleod College Assessment Schemes

The following are the designated indicators of levels of performance. Teachers may use the other information in the table such as percentages and grades to assist them to work out levels, but the results given to students must use the appropriate indicator.

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