Cultural Exchange

The teaching of German at Macleod College aims to introduce students to new ways of thinking, of looking at the world and dealing with problems. Our students develop greater knowledge of and sensitivity to, cultural issues arising in our community. It also, of course, offers our students the academic advantages that familiarity with a second language brings.


Languages at Macleod is undoubtedly its relationship with our sister school in Düsseldorf – the Geschwister Scholl Gymnasium (GSG).

This relationship began in 1986, when one of our German teachers, Ilze Svarcs, undertook an exchange year there as a teacher of English. Since 2000, Macleod students have travelled to Germany every second year for a 2 week home-stay with host families from the GSG and then a further 2½ weeks of travel through Germany and Austria.

Every other year a group of students from the GSG lands on our shores and we reciprocate the hospitality. It is also possible for individuals to undertake exchanges.

Involvement in our exchange program as a host family, a study tour participant, or as an exchange student, offers a wealth of opportunity, to both students and their families. This provides a unique opportunity to experience another language and culture first hand, broadening horizons and whetting the appetite for more of the same. Our study tour participants, in particular, return home waxing lyrical about the “best time of their lives”. The contribution that this program makes to their personal growth and self-esteem is immeasurable.

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