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Curriculum - How we teach

Macleod College has developed a teacher tool-box resource package that provides teachers with a variety of different teaching strategies that they use to support and extend students in their learning.

Macleod college uses the High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) to guide and inform teaching practice.

We use the Macleod College Instructional Model to guide the structure of our lessons.

The College AIP informs drives the teaching focus and through these key goals we determine and provide professional learning for the staff to be able to achieve and measure student growth and development.

Student data is collected every six months in the areas of literacy and numeracy. Teachers use this data in a collegial team to inform differentiated instruction and assessment. We compare the data to identify areas of student growth and inform where to next.



Formative assessments are designed to develop student key knowledge and skill in the subject. These assessments are a check throughout the semester to ensure guidance for the teacher in building and guiding student learning. These come in the form of class activities, progress tasks, homework, or tests. They can be differentiated to reflect student abilities. They can appear on compass learning tasks. 


Summative assessments are designed to demonstrate students key knowledge and skill at the end of an instructional period or at the end of a topic. A rubric is used to assess student key knowledge and skills. Students will also be provided with written feedback identifying ‘what was done well, and what will be better next time’.  The subject teacher and student will reflect on the feedback and the criteria in the rubric they will set a SMART goal for their next assessment task.


Ref to the Assessment for Learning Policy.

Australian Institute of Teaching & School Leadership (AITSL)  is a government funded body that established an Australian teacher performance and development framework.The standards are grouped into three domains: Professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement. The framework is a scope and sequence guiding teachers from a Graduate level, to Proficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead. The college uses the AITSL framework to guide our professional practice in the teaching and learning of our students.

Classroom Practice Continuum

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