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2022 Year 7 Transition

Victorian government school students can apply to Macleod College through their primary school. Non-government school students can apply directly to Macleod College.

How to enrol - Year 7 2022

Government school student

Return your completed Application for Year 7 Placement form (included in the Parent Transition Pack) to your primary school in May. Your primary school then sends the form to your first-preference high school.


You will be notified of your placement by your primary school in August, and can either accept or appeal the placement.


Non-government school student

If your child is attending a Catholic or independent primary school, you need to apply directly to Macleod College.


The process follows the same timeline as government schools.

How to enrol (non-government school student)

1. Download and complete the Year 7 enrolment application form.

2. Submission via email is preferred at this time

3. We will notify you in August and you can either accept the placement or appeal the decision.

Information Videos

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Music Academy

The Macleod College Music Academy is one of Victoria’s first music schools. It offers a very successful music program and has won numerous awards. We pride ourselves on being a close-knit community made up of talented and committed students, highly experienced teachers and supportive parents. Macleod College Music Academy provides a safe and caring environment where students are valued and encouraged to showcase their talents and creativity.


Macleod’s status as an exceptional Music School allows us to employ some of Melbourne’s best Music teachers that provide a high quality and best value for money program in the area. We highly recommend that all students in Year 7 take the opportunity to participate in the instrumental music program. This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your child’s learning experience through music performance. As part of a comprehensive instrumental program students will also be involved in targeted tutorial sessions during classroom music where they engage in theory and are offered the opportunity to try a range of instruments.


Macleod College understands the importance of ensuring our students develop 21st Century Skills. We strive to provide our students with relevant curriculum building an enthusiasm for learning and essential skills to be  adaptable, resourceful and flexible thinkers. At Macleod College we recognise the diverse backgrounds and technology interests of our students. To accommodate these interests our BYOD model allows students and parents to choose their own learning device. This supports families that may already have an appropriate device and can eliminate the need to purchase additional equipment.
We are happy to provide advice to parents when choosing appropriate devices.

Transition from Grade 6 to Year 7

Our transition program starts with an orientation day in December, which includes:

  • Meeting the Principal and Home Group teachers

  • Icebreaker activities

  • Taster classes

  • Parent/Carer morning tea with the Principal

  • A scavenger hunt around the College

  • OnDemand testing


At the beginning of Term 1, Year 7 students have a two-day transition program that includes:

  • Year 7 Assembly with their Student Managers

  • Year 7 and Year 11 Buddy Breakfast

  • Rock & Water activities as part of the Wellbeing Program

  • Organisation, Study Skills & Mindfulness workshops

  • Positive Education


Throughout Semester 1, we have activities that are geared towards assisting our Year 7 students with settling into their new environment., which includes: 

  • Camp information night and social meet and greet BBQ; a chance to meet your child’s teachers and have a friendly chat

  • Three-day Year 7 Camp at Valley Homestead

  • Year level sports program

  • Whole school Swimming and Athletics Carnivals

  • Homework Club

  • Subject based excursions relating to the curriculum studied