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Vision & Values

At Macleod College, our motto “Inspiring and Supporting every child” is embedded in everything that we do.

We are a smaller school and that gives us the capacity to get to know every one of our students, from Prep to Year 12. We understand their learning needs and their interests, and because of this we can support their plans for the future.


On a personal level, we mentor and encourage our students to be the best that they can be, to develop healthy habits and to embrace opportunities that arise. Although our primary business is education and curriculum, we feel that our students’ happiness is fundamental to their success. This is why we run both a wellbeing and a positive education program at Macleod College.


We also offer as many specialist programs as we are able to, to give our students every opportunity to find a field of particular interest to them.

We have award winning music and basketball programs that enable students to pursue their passion at a high level.


We do our best to be as flexible as possible and we encourage our students to find avenues within the school where they can work with staff and other students to develop their skills and knowledge. 

Examples of this are:

  • Students taking on ambassadorial roles at school functions

  • Students assisting with technical programs such as ICT, audio tech and lighting

  • Students taking an active role in supporting literacy at lower year levels

  • Students supporting teachers with programs such as science week

  • Student photographers at school events

Our staff are very dedicated to ensuring that our students achieve beyond their expectations, and support and encourage them to reach their goals.

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Visions & Values 

Our school and community values centre around respect for ourselves and each other.  Responsibility, excellence, strength, purpose, empathy, community and trust are the key values that drive our policies and behaviour.