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Extension & Enrichment at Macleod College

The iLeap Program


iLEAP is an engaging and challenging Extension program that provides students with an opportunity to work with each other in a supportive and encouraging environment. The curriculum supports, enriches and extends students in the disciplines of Mathematics, Numeracy, English and Literacy.


The program acknowledges that all students have different skill sets and aptitude in different areas and provides course material at three different levels – support, consolidating and extension


Research shows that all students have different starting points and preferred learning styles. iLEAP allow students to engage with the curriculum through the provision of:

  • a more challenging learning environment at all ability levels – extension, consolidating and support

  • the opportunity to study more abstract, complex and in depth texts and issues

  • the capacity for students to work independently and cooperatively with students of similar ability and interests

  • differentiated and dynamic learning opportunities that focus on creativity, innovative thinking, problem solving and communication





Learning cohorts will be determined through the use of relevant assessment data. 


Groups will be flexible so that students can move from one to another. Classes in the same discipline Maths and English will be timetabled at the same time.


Students will be supported and encouraged to become independent learners.


Students will be required to participate in a range of co-curricular activities offered by the college, such as: Music, Leadership, Sport or Community Projects.

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