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College and House Captains

At Macleod College, we have a leadership positions focused on building confident, responsible and respectable leaders. Our leaders are ambassadors for the College at both internal and external events. They engage with their peers, the school community, and the broader community through a wide range of events and initiatives. They have the opportunity to build their skills through organising and managing initiatives, events and activities in working teams, and are able to develop their leadership skills through every aspect of their educational journey. Leaders also have the opportunity to attend Local and State Leadership Conferences to share ideas, collaborate and meet other like-minded leaders. The Macleod College Leadership Team is composed of:


Year 12

College Captains

Deputy College Captains

International Captain

Music Captain


Year 11

House Captains


Year 10

House Captains


Year 7-11

Student Representative Council (SRC)


Year 6

Primary Captains

House Captains



Leadership positions are appointed during Term 4 for the following academic year. Selection focuses how the students embody, and their actions reflect the college values of Achieve, Respect, Connect. Students must be able to demonstrate and sustain:

  • An exceptional record of attendance and conduct

  • Commitment to the college through academic, social and cultural involvement

  • Commitment to their role as a leader of Macleod College

  • Active participation in college events and activities

  • Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with others


College Captains and Deputy Captains

As the SRC Executive Team, the Year 12 College Captains play an important role in representing the student body, and take action on changes, improvements, and student concerns. As well as being an ambassador for the college, they demonstrate the college’s values of Achieve, Respect, Connect, and lead by example. They are able to inspire others, and have confidence with the respect of students, teachers and the wider school community.


International Captains

International Captains represent the international student body at Macleod College. They work closely with the International Student Coordinator on initiatives concerning international students. Some of these include student engagement and participation in college events and activities, health and wellbeing, celebrations, transition, and issues concerning international students. International Captains also engage with the entire college community to continue the harmonious relationship between all students. Although they represent and lead the international students, they are active participants in all aspects of the college.


Music Captains

Macleod College’s Music Captains work closely with the Music Director and the Music Academy. They are involved in a variety of leadership opportunities to lead and engage with students of the Music Academy from rehearsals to performances and competitions. The Music Captains also engage with the entire college community, engaging in college events and activities from a musical perspective. They continue to engage and inspire students to strive for excellence.


Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council (SRC) are an organisation of members from each year level that represent the students of the college. They are concerned with student voice and agency, and are passionate about making changes for the student body. The SRC are committed to their school and care about what happens to it and in it; students care for each other. They have responsibility for real issues; they are trusted to solve problems and make decisions for the college that concern the student body.


House Captains and House Leaders

House Captains and House Leaders are enthusiastic and confident individuals that enjoy getting the student body involved in college events, activities and initiatives. They are creative and innovative in their ideas and approach to leading, promoting and raising student participation, engagement, and enthusiasm. They also work closely together to organise house events and activities to create an active student community throughout the academic year. House Captains and Leaders lead their house in sporting events such as the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, and encourage their peers to participate and engage in the events.


If you would like more information on joining the Leadership Team, or would like to see what being in the leadership team is like, please contact or speak to Ms. Tran.

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