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Macleod College is a Victorian Government Foundation to Year 12 school located in the leafy northern suburbs of Melbourne, approximately 14km from Melbourne CBD. We strive to maintain our high academic standards as well as actively promote social and emotional wellbeing. Macleod College provides a creative, stimulating and vibrant learning space as well as a comfortable and inviting environment where all students can feel at home.

Macleod College is a Level 2 accredited school with the Victorian Department of Education and Training, International Education Division (IED). This means that we are able to offer placements to international students who, to suit their families needs, might require any of the 4 categories of Welfare Provision and Accommodation:

  • Option 1 - Student lives with a Parent or Legal Guardian

  • Option 2 - Student lives with an Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) approved relative

  • Option 3 - Student lives with a person who is nominated by the family. The school checks, assesses, approves and monitors this person’s suitability to provide accommodation

  • Option 4 - Student lives with a person (homestay) chosen by the school. The school checks, assesses, approves and monitors this person's suitability to provide accommodation













Special assistance for international students:

  • International Student Team staff members who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Greek, Auslan and English

  • Arrangement and management of homestay accommodation and provision of arrival support

  • On campus orientation session for students and their families prior to study commencement

  • On campus Intensive English Language Centre (IELC)

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) provision across Foundation to Year 12

  • Year 10 English Bridging class to increase student preparedness for senior VCE studies

  • Weekly International Student Homework Club after school

  • Individual Careers and Educational Pathways counselling

  • COMPASS access for overseas parents/guardians as well as those living locally with the student

  • Monitoring of student visa compliance, particularly in the areas of attendance, course progress, employment and welfare provision

Enrolment requirements and conditions for international students:

  • The College Principal's acceptance of a students application is based on his evaluation of the additional information provided with the application along with our capacity to cater to the individual students needs

  • International students who will transition into mainstream year 7 - 11 classes at Macleod College can apply to enrol into our on-site Intensive English Language Centre (IELC) program

  • Students may be required to repeat their time in the IELC if their English language proficiency is not at the standard required to successfully transition into the mainstream program

  • Students progression into the next year level is not always assured and is dependant on teacher judgement of the students preparedness and potential to cope with the mainstream curriculum. Several alternative options are available and students may be advised to repeat a given year level, complete a 3 year VCE, or look for an alternative education provider which better suits their needs

  • The College Principal and International Student Coordinator meet with students prior to the commencement of their senior studies to determine which pathway best suits their ability, interests and future plans. Macleod College is currently offering VCE and VET study options to students in years 10, 11 & 12

  • Both the students parents and guardians are required to regularly check their nominated email and Macleod College COMPASS accounts, as these will be the main form of communication between the school and both local and overseas relatives and hosts

  • Students and families wishing to make a complaint or appeal a decision can do so by communicating directly with the College Principal and / or the International Student Coordinator and if they are not satisfied with the outcome they can further access the International Education Division (IED) appeals process

  • Upon enrolment, students and families are required to sign off acceptance of several conditions that outline their educational obligations and entitlements in addition to those already outlined in the Letter of Offer and Written Agreement issued by the International Education Division (IED). These documents are: ISP Student Rules and Regulations Acknowledgement, ISP Student Contract, School Permission and Policies


Additional costs for international students:

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program: $500 - $1,500 students will need to purchase their own laptop computer to use in the classroom

  • Uniform: approximately $600
    Uniform Handbook

  • Mainstream Classroom Resources: cost is variable and dependent on the year level of the student. See relevant booklist provided upon enrolment.

  • Intensive English Language Centre (IELC) Program Resources: $150

  • Extracurricular programs: Students who elect to be involved in any non-compulsory activities and programs may be required to pay an additional cost

  • Music Tuition: cost is dependent on student level of involvement Music Academy

  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) program fees: Fee is dependent on the students program of choice and the materials required

  • Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) fees: Fee is dependent on the number of VCE subjects the student is undertaking in a given year

* Photocopying and compulsory excursions do not require additional payment as these costs are covered by the tuition fees already paid


Contact Details:

Address:                 Carwarp Street Macleod 3085

Telephone:              +61 3 9459 0222

College Email:

College Website:

WeChat:                  macleodcollege

Region:                   North Western Victoria

Victorian Government Schools International Student Program Website:


College Principal

Mr Mario Panaccio


Phone   03 9459 0222

International Student Coordinator

Mrs Colleen Cochrane


Phone   +61 (0) 425 749 344


CRICOS Provider Name: Department of Education and Training

CRICOS Provider Code: 00861K

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