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2025 Year 07 Transition

How to enrol

Government school student

Return your completed Application for Year 07 Placement form (included in the Parent Transition Pack) to your primary school in May. Your primary school then sends the form to your first-preference high school.

You will be notified of your placement by your primary school in July, and can either accept or appeal the placement.

Non-government school student

If your child is attending a Catholic or independent primary school, you need to apply directly to Macleod College. Fill in the application form in the Year 6 to 7 Placement Information Pack 2024-25

The process follows the same timeline as government schools.

How to enrol (non-government school student)

Enrolment timeline for Year 07 in 2025

From 15 April 2024: Families at government schools receive the Parent Transition Pack from their primary school. The application form for non-government schools will be available from our website from 1 May 2023

10 May 2024: Families at government schools return their completed application for Year 07 to their primary school. Families at non-government schools email their completed application directly to Macleod College.

17 July 2024: Families at government schools are notified of the outcome of their application by their primary school. Families at non-government schools are notified of their outcome by Macleod College.

18 July 2024: Enrolment offer correspondence is sent to all successful applicants by Macleod College. Families can lodge placement appeals with secondary schools. Government primary schools will provide families with the appeal form.

26 July 2024: Closing date for families to lodge a written appeal with their preferred secondary school.

06 August 2024: Secondary schools provide families with written notification of appeal outcome.

August – September 2024: Orientation process for future Year 07 families and students commences, including parent welcome evening, initial academic assessment and other events and information.

10 December 2024: Statewide orientation day for all Year 06 students

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