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"Equality means giving everyone equal opportunities to learn, not teaching everyone in exactly the same way."

Susan Weinbrenner

Education Expert

To meet the varied needs of all our students, our teachers provide differentiation in both instruction and curriculum. This means that students who are developing their skills and knowledge in a subject area are provided with tasks that extend and support them in their learning journey. ​Students who are further along in their learning will benefit from opportunities to extend their knowledge and skills.

Personalized learning goals are determined and documented through Negotiated Education Plans. We assess all our students using their NAPLAN results, assignment results, and through the ongoing use of VCAA on-demand adaptive testing tools. Frequent testing means that we can assess how well our strategies are working and make alterations to improve student outcomes.

It is very common to find that students who are excelling in one learning area may need assistance in another. Because of this, differentiation is applied to individual subjects for individual students and not as a blanket approach to the student's learning needs. This is one the strengths of our iLEAP program - it ensures that students who are gifted and talented in one area can still be supported in other areas as needed.​

Academic Results

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