College Charges

Macleod College School Council 2021 Parent Payment Arrangements


Macleod College School Council acknowledges the challenging year 2020 was and would like to thank those families that continued to support the College through payment of their school charges.


The School Council has approved the College’s parent payment charges for 2021. Every effort is made to keep these charges to a minimum so that they remain affordable for all families.  The charges and contributions enable the College to maintain high quality programs. However, we are reliant on your financial support.


There are 3 areas for which parents may reasonably be requested to make a payment or contribution:


  1.  Essential Student Learning Items

       E-learning subscriptions, Art and Library supplies, etc.

  2.  Voluntary Financial Contributions

       General Subject Contribution, Wellbeing, Maintenance, etc.

  3.  Optional Items

       Elective Subjects that require a charge for Years 9 to 12, Music Academy Instrumental Music charges, VET program, etc.


These areas are all fundamental in supplying items and equipment not provided through Government funding. The additional contributions allows us to offer our students and parents a better level of service and program delivery.


We ask that you support us by paying the:

  • Essential Student Learning Items

  • Voluntary Contributions (in particular the General Subject Contribution)

  • Optional Items


We wish to continue offering a curriculum program that is both engaging and varied, although this is dependent on adequate funds raised through our charges and contributions by our families. Any shortfall in funds raised in the 3 categories will impact our future curriculum offerings.


We have not increased our charges and contributions, rather have restructured them so may look slightly different to 2020. Families will not pay anymore in 2021.


In 2021, the College has reduced the Essential Student Learning Items charge and will instead be asking for a General Subject Contribution.

For example, Year 9:

  • 2020      Essential Student Learning Items                                                        $450

  • 2021      Essential Student Learning Items ($100) plus

                    General Subject Contribution $350                                                      $450



Financial Support for Families


Macleod College understands that some families may experience financial difficulty and offers a range of support options, including:

  • Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides support for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions

  • State Schools’ Relief (SSR) support for clothing/uniforms.

  • Wellbeing Support

  • Second-Hand Uniform Shop and annual Second-Hand Book Shop (subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

  • Community Support options

  • Modified payment plans


If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can contact Nina Nigro, Business Manager, for a confidential discussion about accessing these services. To make alternative payment arrangements, please phone 9459 0222 or email



Payment Methods


Financial payment or contribution by families is critical to maintaining the quality of education, student services and school environment. Parents and Carers are strongly encouraged to support their children’s education experience by making all requested payments.  


2021 College Charges associated with your child/children are payable via Compass – Course confirmation from 4pm on Wednesday, 4 November 2020 or by contacting the General Office on 9459 0222. Please refer to payment options attachment for more details.





Payment options are provided through Compass ‘Course Confirmation’ or by contacting the General Office on 9459 0222. All student charges for 2021 will be available after 4pm on Wednesday 4 November 2020.


Payment in full or first instalment is to be paid by 4 December 2020.  See payment plan attachment for full details.



2021 North of the Yarra Booklists (online)


2021 Booklists will be available late November 2020. Orders are to be placed online, through North of the Yarra website. If you choose ‘School Delivery’ or ‘Home Delivery’, the cut-off date is Wednesday, 9 December 2020.  Alternatively, you can collect directly from North of the Yarra, Strathallan Rd, Macleod. See the booklist for full details.


Essential Student Learning Items

Parent contributions toward the Essential Student Learning Items are crucial to maintain the quality of education provided at Macleod College. Your support in payment of these charges will help us achieve this.

ESL table.JPG

Voluntary Contributions

Financial assistance toward Voluntary Contributions further support the educational programs at Macleod College.

voluntary table.JPG

Optional Items

Macleod College offers a range of optional programs and electives that are additional to the delivery of the standard curriculum and require payment. These programs and electives are designed to broaden the school experience.

Optional Table.JPG

Payment Options

Option 1 – Payment Plan

College charges are dispersed equally over an eight-month period, with the first instalment due on 4 December 2020 and the final instalment due on 4 July 2021.


For students participating in VET, Year 7 Camp (subject to COVID restrictions) and Instrumental Music - instalment dates are as listed below.

Compass Payment Plan Dates for 2021

Please log into Compass to set up your Payment Plan/s

pp table.JPG

Option 2 – Pay in Full

Payments can be made in full by 4 December 2020 or as soon as practicable via Compass Education – Course Confirmation, by phone or in person at the General Office.

Option 3 – Modified Payment Plan

A modified payment plan can be set up for weekly, fortnightly or other. Families with more than one student can ask to set up only one plan instead of multiple plans. Please contact the General Office to arrange the plan that works for you.


If you are experiencing financial hardship and are having difficulties in meeting these payment dates, please contact Nina Nigro, Business Manager, to discuss the options available.


Department and Education & Training (DET) Parent Payment Policy and frequently asked questions available on the DE&T website