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College Financial Contributions

Mark Lipman

School Council President

Dear Families,

Macleod College is looking forward to another great year of teaching and learning and would like to advise you of Macleod College’s voluntary financial contributions for 2022. 

Schools provide students with free instruction to fulfil the standard Victorian curriculum and we want to assure you that all contributions are voluntary. Nevertheless, the ongoing support of our families ensures that our school can offer the best possible education and support for our students. 

Macleod College proudly delivers a rounded, comprehensive and inclusive program that caters for the learning and wellbeing needs of all our students. Your ongoing voluntary financial contributions support this program and provide for several additional educational and physical resources.

We thank families for their support, whether that’s through fundraising or volunteering your time. This has made a huge difference to our college and the programs we can offer.

Within our college this support has allowed us to provide a wider offering of subjects and special curriculum experiences including resources; enhanced digital learning opportunities beyond our previous years; the upgrade of student lockers, refurbished student outdoor seating and refreshed rooms around the campus; faster WI-FI and internet with the replacement of servers and WI-FI network upgrades; plus, wellbeing support during the challenging past twelve months. 

Department of Education & Training guidelines now mandate that schools are UNABLE to provide parents with a statement of fees. We do, however, encourage parents to consider voluntary financial contributions towards the education of your child/ren.


Yours sincerely,


Mario Panaccio     

Macleod College Principal 

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