Art & Technology

Technology encompasses food, music, woodwork, studio arts and ceramics. Our students are very well catered from across all of these disciplines, with facilities that allow them to pursue specialist areas of interest.


The wood workshop contains all the machinery and tools required to enable students to create and build with wood. Our art rooms are equipped with silkscreening, etching and linocut printing equipment, and a kiln for ceramics. Our media room is equipped with a complement of Apple Mac computers and video cameras, as well as a green screen and top of the range editing software. The fully resourced food tech kitchens have electric ovens and gas stove tops, and capacity for a full size class. 

Our music students have dedicated practice rooms for individuals and small groups, as well as a large rehearsal space for ensembles and big band. There is a large music storage room and an adjoining classroom for theory and classroom music lessons.  Our performance space includes a hall with removable stage, lighting, sound and tiered seating for an audience of 100. The hall has a removal dividing wall that opens onto our theatre, and increases the audience capacity to 270.

Spring Arts Gala

Year 9, 2020 Media

Year 9, 2019 Surrealism


Sponge cakes- Food Technology


Year 8, 2019,  Skateboards

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Urban Landscape Paintings


These paintings capture the urban landscapes in which Year 9 students associated with. Students chose their own colours, and painting techniques to express their own style of a place in which they have a personal connection to. Some paintings show the beginnings, and progress of the painting process.


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Acknowledgement of Country
Macleod College respectfully acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of the land on which our school stands and pay respect to the ongoing living cultures of First Peoples.

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