Macleod College has begun its Master Planning in preparation for $4.9 million for Stage 1 funding as part of the School redevelopment

Stage 1

Demolition of Block A and part Block B + New Science Hub and VET relocatable

Demolish portion of Block B. Construct new purpose-built science block. Existing Block A science labs are to be demolished. New VET mod-5 relocatable. New primary school play areas and entry landscape


Stage 2

Demolition of Block H + New Performing Arts and Admin

Demolish block H. A new 300 seat auditorium is to be constructed with the potential to facilitate school gatherings,performances and external use. An associated foyer, amenities, storage, kiosk, instrumental tutorial rooms and music and drama rehearsal/class spaces are proposed within the new facility and offer the out of hours functionality to the spaces. Facility is co-located with new administration area of the school with accessibility from a new May Street landscaping and entrance.

Stage 3

Demolition, alterations and additions to Block D
Demolish portion of Block D. Refurbishment remaining Block D DATS (Design, Arts and Tech) spaces. Relocate food technology facilities from Block C, approximate 190sqm addition to the building will include 2 x GPC, amenities and a learning commons encouraging break-out, ‘creative collisions’ and student work display from the co-located DATs spaces.


Stage 4 - Demolition of Block C + New
Central Library and Canteen

The demolition Block C makes way for a centrally located learning resource building(LRC) and canteen, for access by the entire college. Proximate to the junior school, the facility can provide additional technology, resource and creative functions to younger students, and provide inclusion into the whole school community. The presence of amenities, a larger IT-rich library zone, and secure entry promotes multiple uses over extended hours and the potential for community access (e.g. German market, breakfast clubs, after school care, parent information nights).


Stage 5

Demolition of remaining Block B + New Senior Student Hub + Relocatables

Demolish the remainder of block B to make way
for the new Senior center. This specialised hub offering a series of learning settings for varying sizes, groupings and functionalities. The facility aims to promote collaboration opportunities with break out spaces and circulation acting as a technology rich zone able to be shared by multiple general class groups (2 x GPCs provided, with ability to create 2 further GPC’s within the commons).

To fulfill the school’s area entitlement, 2 x mod-5 relocatables are to be sited associated with the primary and secondary schools.