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Learning Spaces


Macleod College has a number of distinct learning spaces and each area is designed to meet the needs of the students who will be using the space. 

Open-plan spaces are designed for collaborative learning and provide a large area for combined classes, shared resources and presentations.

We have open-plan spaces in our Year 07 and Year 09 learning zones. These spaces can quickly and easily be repurposed for year level assemblies, culminating performances, and other events such as Incursions.

Dedicated specialist spaces are available for music - both as large rehearsal spaces and as small tutoring rooms. Our hall and theatre complex is adjustable to cater for small or large groups and includes backstage areas, sound and lighting.

Science labs are very well-equipped for both junior and senior subjects including Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We are fortunate to have an extensive collection of resources for students specialising in physical sciences.

Our art and design students have the tools and spaces to cater for just about any project or activity including woodworking, ceramics, etching and screen printing.  Kitchens with near new facilities cater for food tech studies, and a state-of-the-art hair salon accommodates our VET Beauty students.


Sport and PE students are very well served by our stadium, outdoor basketball courts, two ovals and cricket nets. Tennis courts are a short walk across the park.

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