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VCE Information and links 



The VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) provides a comprehensive Guide to VCE for students and parents.

They provide past exam papers and answers, advice and instructions for completing exams, timetables, etc. 

Study Guides 

Year 11  and 12  can be stressful for students an their parents. Make sure you have up to date resources to revise with by visiting the library to borrow study guides, or buy your own. We have most of these for loan in the library. Click on the publisher name (listed alphabetically) to visit their website and see what is available.

Publisher: ATARNotes

VCE Notes are course summaries that include tips and tricks for the exams

Topic Tests contain questions and answers cor course content.

ATARNotes websites gives you access to their forums, articles and lectures, all valuable resources for your VCE journey.

Publisher: Engage

Engage is a not-for-profit group with the aim of providing FREE resources for Year 12 VCE students. They produce a wiki with free notes, videos and practice exams for unit 3 & 4 courses..

​Publisher: NEAP

Smartstudy Question Guides - Practice questions for each unit of work, designed to be used on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Includes fully worked solutions.

Smartstudy Exam Guides - Practice exams in the same format as the VCAA exams. Includes fully worked solutions.

Advantage Series - Course Revision Summaries with questions & answers.