2023 Year 7 Transition

How to enrol

Government school student

Return your completed Application for Year 7 Placement form (included in the Parent Transition Pack) to your primary school in May. Your primary school then sends the form to your first-preference high school.

You will be notified of your placement by your primary school in August, and can either accept or appeal the placement.

Non-government school student

If your child is attending a Catholic or independent primary school, you need to apply directly to Macleod College.

The process follows the same timeline as government schools.

How to enrol (non-government school student)

  • We will notify you in August and you can either accept the placement or appeal the decision.

Transition from Grade 6 to Year 7

Our transition program starts with an orientation day in December, which includes:

  • Meeting the Principal and Home Group teachers

  • Icebreaker activities

  • Taster classes

  • Parent/Carer morning tea with the Principal

  • A scavenger hunt around the College


At the beginning of Term 1, Year 7 students have a 3-day transition program that includes:

  • Year 7 Assembly with their Student Managers

  • Rock & Water activities as part of the Wellbeing Program

  • Organisation, Study Skills & Mindfulness workshops

  • Positive Education

  • OnDemand testing


Throughout Semester 1, we have activities that are geared towards assisting our Year 7 students with settling into their new environment, which includes: 

  • Camp information night and social meet and greet BBQ; a chance to meet your child’s teachers and have a friendly chat

  • Three-day Year 7 Camp at Valley Homestead

  • Year level sports program

  • Whole school Swimming and Athletics Carnivals

  • Homework Club

  • Subject based excursions relating to the curriculum studied

Enrolment timeline for Year 7 in 2023

From 26 April 2022: Families at government schools receive the Parent Transition Pack from their primary school. The application form for non-government schools will be available from our website from 26 April 2022

13 May 2022: Families at government schools return their completed application for Year 7 to their primary school. Families at non-government schools email their completed application directly to Macleod College.


20 July 2022: Families at government schools are notified of the outcome of their application by their primary school. Families at non-government schools are notified of their outcome by Macleod College.

21 July 2022: We send enrolment information to future Year 7 students. Families can lodge placement appeals with secondary schools. Government primary schools will provide families with the appeal form.

29 July 2022: Closing date for families to lodge a written appeal with their preferred secondary school.

9 August 2022: Secondary schools provide families with written notification of appeal outcome.

August – September 2022: Orientation process for future Year 7 families and students commences, including parent welcome evening, initial academic assessment and other events and information.

13 December 2022: Statewide orientation day for all Year 6 students

If you have any questions about enrolling in Year 7, contact our Enrolments Officer, Emma Wagner,  on 9459 0222 or email macleod.co@education.vic.gov.au

For more information about enrolling in secondary school in Victoria, visit Department of Education and Training.

Non-Government Transition information pack

DET fact sheet for school placement process