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Macleod Jazz Audtions - Generations in Jazz Tour

Auditions for the 2020 School Year

All auditioning students (instrumentalists and vocalists; incoming and returning students) must complete the online audition registration 

The information collected will be used to create our jazz program rosters when placements are decided, so it is important that everything is correct.


Please read the additional audition instructions found below.

Everyone auditioning for the Senior Big Band will perform this year’s selected tune, “Blue ‘n; Boogie” by Dizzie Gillespie and an own choice.

Other ensembles will require only the own choice.


The required sheet music for Blue ‘n; Boogie is posted on this webpage. You must use these versions!

Instructions for Instrumentalists Auditioning for Jazz Bands

Auditions for Brass, Woodwind, Strings and Voice may be submitted as a video recording through the application form or at

Rhythm section players audition by playing in small combos with other auditioning rhythm students.

Thursday 7th November 3:30pm

ALL rhythm section players (piano, vibes, guitar, bass, drums)

Audition music and requirements are detailed below. Students may also be asked to sight read.

  • Required piece: “Blue ‘N’ Boogie, ” Note that the required version is in the key of A flat. You can download the required piece here (links listed below for each version) or you can get a printed copy in the hall outside the Macleod Band Room. It is important that you use the correct version, in the correct key, for your instrument. 

Blue 'N' Boogie (for B♭ instruments)
Blue 'N' Boogie (for E♭ instruments)
Blue 'N' Boogie (for Bass clef instruments)
Blue 'N' Boogie (Concert C)

Blue ‘N Boogie play along

Blue ‘N’ Boogie recording


  • Own Choice. Play an excerpt, standard, or transcription of your choosing, not more than one minute long. Choose something that demonstrates your strengths as a player. It should also contrast in style and/or tempo with “Blue ‘N’ Boogie.” If you’re playing an exercise from a jazz instruction book, be sure you know what tune it is based upon. You may plug in your phone if you have a back-up track.


We look forward to hearing each of you for Macleod Jazz Auditions!

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